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MUHARAM adalah bulan pertama dalam tahun Islam (Hijrah). Sebelum Rasulullah berhijrah dari Makkah ke Yathrib, kiraan bulan dibuat mengikut tahun Masihi. Hijrah Rasulullah memberi kesan besar kepada Islam sama ada dari sudut dakwah Rasulullah, ukhuwwah dan syiar Islam itu sendiri.
Pada asasnya, Muharam membawa maksud 'diharamkan' atau 'dipantang', iaitu Allah SWT melarang melakukan peperangan atau pertumpahan darah. Namun demikian larangan ini ditamatkan setelah pembukaan Makkah (Al Baqarah: 91). Sejak pemansuhan itu, umat Islam boleh melaksanakan tugas dan ibadat harian tanpa terikat lagi dengan larangan berkenaan.

Peristiwa-peristiwa penting:

1 Muharam - Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab mula membuat penetapan kiraan bulan dalam Hijrah.
10 Muharam - Dinamakan juga hari 'Asyura'. Pada hari itu banyak terjadi peristiwa penting yang mencerminkan kegemilangan bagi perjuangan yang gigih dan tabah bagi menegakkan keadilah dan kebenaran. 

Pada 10 Muharam juga telah berlaku:

Nabi Adam bertaubat kepada Allah.
Nabi Idris diangkat oleh Allah ke langit.
Nabi Nuh diselamatkan Allah keluar dari perahunya sesudah bumi ditenggelamkan selama enam bulan.
Nabi Ibrahim diselamatkan Allah dari pembakaran Raja Namrud.
Allah menurunkan kitab Taurat kepada Nabi Musa.
Nabi Yusuf dibebaskan dari penjara.
Penglihatan Nabi Yaakob yang kabur dipulihkkan Allah.
Nabi Ayub dipulihkan Allah dari penyakit kulit yang dideritainya.
Nabi Yunus selamat keluar dari perut ikan paus setelah berada di dalamnya selama 40 hari 40 malam.
Laut Merah terbelah dua untuk menyelamatkan Nabi Musa dan pengikutnya dari tentera Firaun.
Kesalahan Nabi Daud diampuni Allah.
Nabi Sulaiman dikurniakan Allah kerajaan yang besar.
Hari pertama Allah menciptakan alam.
Hari Pertama Allah menurunkan rahmat.
Hari pertama Allah menurunkan hujan.
Allah menjadikan 'Arasy.
Allah menjadikan Luh Mahfuz.
Allah menjadikan alam.
Allah menjadikan Malaikat Jibril.
Nabi Isa diangkat ke langit. 

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Do YoU KnoW....Albert Einstein

                 Albert Einstein , 14 March 1879–18 April 1955) was a theoretical physicist who is widely regarded as one of the most influential scientists of all time. His many contributions to physics include the special and general theories of relativity, the founding of relativistic cosmology, the first post-Newtonian expansion, explaining the perihelion advance of Mercury, prediction of the deflection of light by gravity and gravitational lensing, the first fluctuation dissipation theorem which explained the Brownian movement of molecules, the photon theory and wave-particle duality, the quantum theory of atomic motion in solids, the zero-point energy concept, the semiclassical version of the Schrödinger equation, and the quantum theory of a monatomic gas which predicted Bose–Einstein condensation.
Einstein is best known for his theories of special relativity and general relativity. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics “for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.”
Einstein published more than 300 scientific and over 150 non-scientific works.He is often regarded as the father of modern physics.

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Jerebu at KPMAM

Date: 16/10/2010
Tittle: JEREBU
Time: 11.30 am - 2.15 pm
Tempat: KPM AM (view dari cafe)

Near Cafe Parking area

      View at College Water Dam (Tangki Air)

 Area at Amphitheater

 View from the Toilet at Cafe area

 Near football field area

Parking area between Surau & Dewan Kuliah 
     At the behind Girls Hostel area 

Near cafe parking area

 View from center of  the cafe


Date: 19/10/2010
Tempat :KPMAM
Issue: Jerebu

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You Are Not Alone-Michael Jakson

Another day has gone 

I'm still all alone 
How could this be 
You're not here with me 
You never said goodbye 
Someone tell me why 
Did you have to go 
And leave my world so cold 

Everyday I sit and ask myself 
How did love slip away 
Something whispers in my ear and says 
That you are not alone 
For I am here to stay 
Though you're far away 
I am here to stay 

You are not alone 
For I am here with you 
Though we're far apart 
You're always in my heart 
You are not alone 

All alone 
Why, alone 

Just the other night 
I thought I heard you cry 
Asking me to come 
And hold you in my arms 
I can hear your prayers 
Your burdens I will bear 
But first I need your hand 
Then forever can begin 

Everyday I sit and ask myself 
How did love slip away 
Something whispers in my ear and says 
That you are not alone 
For I am here to stay 
Though you're far away 
I am here to stay 

You are not alone 
I am here with you 
Though we're far away 
You're always in my heart 
You are not alone 

Whisper three words and I'll come runnin' 
And girl you know that 
I'll be there 
I'll be there 

You are not alone 
For I am here with you 
Though we're far away 
You're always in my heart 
You are not alone 

You are not alone 
For I am here with you 
Though we're far away 
You're always in my heart 
You are not alone
Lyrics powered by LyricFind
written by R. KELLY Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jaguar C-X75

We’d love the Jaguar C-X75 even if it were powered by a pair of AA batteries, it’s that good-looking. Incredibly, we overheard some naysayers at the Jaguar stand who questioned the C-X75’s design. Frankly speaking, they’d better visit an optometrist. Jaguar has gotten the shape spot-on with this mid-engine beauty.

Even better, this kitty is more than a pretty face. An electric powertrain is amped up (pun intended) by two gas micro-turbines. Hold on there George Jetson, because the spec sheet only gets better the more you read. The C-X75 has four electric motors—one in each wheel—that deliver the equivalent of 780 bhp and more than 1100 pound-feet of torque.

According to Jaguar’s estimates, the car accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds. A 68-mile electric range is boosted by the twin micro-turbines, for a total cruising range of 560 miles. Jaguar officials told us all this tech wizardry is slated for life in a laboratory, at least for several more years of testing.



         Chili peppers are actually fruit, not vegetables, and provide three times more vitamin C than oranges. The unique chili pepper heat comes from a component called capsaicin, which is concentrated in the white ribs and seeds inside. To lessen the pungency, the seeds can be discarded.

        Different types of chili pepper have different amounts of heat, with one of the hottest being the small, red and very slender “bird’s eye” variety. All chili peppers induce the body to sweat, and this cooling mechanism explains the popularity of chilies in hot climates.

        Interestingly, doctors sometimes recommend capsaicin to relieve nerve pain. Applied topically it can counteract the pain of shingles and the degenerative nerve damage experienced by some people with diabetes, although the active ingredients may inflict a dose of famous chili bum before switching off the pain. That’s why it’s important not to home-administer a chili poultice, or to rub your eyes whilst handling the spice, or afterward until you have washed your hands.

        It’s commonly thought that chilies can cause or worsen stomach ulcers, but studies in countries in which many people eat chili show that there are fewer cases of peptic ulcer. Doctors often advise patients with dyspepsia and peptic ulcer against eating chili, although some studies show that capsaicin can protect the stomach lining.

     This doesn’t mean that everybody who has stomach problems should eat chili, because everyone has a different response to spicy foods and some people may find chili makes matters worse. What it does mean is that chili lovers don’t have to worry about continuing to feed their hot and spicy passion, as long as this doesn’t upset their stomach.


What are Portals?
·       A web portal, also known as a links page, presents information from diverse sources in a unified way.
·      Apart from the standard search engine feature, web portals offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock prices, information, databases and entertainment. Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether.
·  Examples of public web portals are AOLiGoogleMSNBCNetvibes, and Yahoo!.
How to find Portals?
·        All portals should be listed at the directory of portals, which also details their founding dates and whom you can contact with regard to a particular portal. If you have created a portal, you must list it here. Portal Contents/Portals lists all portals of reader-ready quality.
·        Portals are also largely inter-accessible with users able to navigate from one portal to another. Universal features, such as the browse bar (which links to top-level portals), and the portals template (which links to Portal List of portals), allow for convenient browsing. Moreover, portals are also categorised according to hierarchy.  
·        Portals, in most instances, also link to their Related portals (those lateral to them) and their Sub portals (those that descend from them).
·        Top-level portals are linked from the Main Page, while individual portals are linked by placing {{portal}} on a page. In the main namespace, these templates should be located at the top of an article's talk page, often due to being integrated into WikiProject banner templates. Per WP:ALSO, they may also be placed in the "See also" section of articles.
Types of Portals
Horizontal vs. vertical portal (Vortals)
Two broad categorizations of portals are horizontal portals, which cover many areas, and vertical portals, which are focused on one functional area. Another definition for a horizontal portal is, that it is used as a platform to several companies in the same economic sector or to the same type of manufacturers or distributors.
Vertical Information Portal
A Vertical Information Portal (VIP) is a specialized entry point to a specific marketplace and or Industry niche. VIP's provide news, editorial content,digital publications, and Ecommerce capabilities. Separate from traditional Vertical Portals, VIP's provide dynamic multi-media applications including social networking, video posting, and blogging.
VIP Advertising Model
VIP's utilize conventional web advertising, but also implement landing page advertising, an SEO based program that creates specific editorial content based the advertisers traffic needs.
Other types :-
o    News portals

From my opinion (MIN), a portal is an introductory page for a given topic. It complements the main article of the subject by introducing the reader to key articles, images, and categories that further describe the subject. Moreover, Portals also help editors find related projects and things they can do to help improve Wikipedia.