Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its long time i have never use the blogger...i really miss after joined UniKL to purse my studies, i really get busy with the assignment and work...Here i have been placed at ME classmate also taking Entrepreneurship course with me...when i with them i feel so happy, joyful, awesome, wonderful...

These are my classmate: me, sifu, ayie, farhaan, abid, fiq, zulkhairy, fikri, hamka, affandi, azren, fizi, laila, haslia, fatin, elly, juliayana, seha, ququ, hakim, kavita, dak jahat, am, rizwan,amran, khairul,zaheerman,afan, elmie, azreen, nazrin syimmir, are kim, hafiy, asynizam,syamim,lokmam, pi jaa , and the geng,,,,(i dh x ingat..ramai sgt..but i suka...)

Lectures sem nie: Dr syahida (etr), mdm saburiah (wap), mr sidi (e-mktg), mdm marhaini (cps), 
dr shafie (techno), mr peter(mandarin)
Hostel mate: Fara zainal, Sarah, Dalila , Nadia, Fana.,etc...
Fara zainal ...dengan si gadis comel nie laa saya selalu lepak....she's good..teaching, guiding me, etc...bagaikan seorg guru 4 me..mcm mana kak amy jaga i..mcm itu laa.tapi...x cute and kind of her...Sarah...budak pakistan yg tinggal di Saudi. Nilai timur perlu diajar....baik sungguh....seorg budk bermur 19 tahun mengambil degree dlm accounting...proud to be friends with her...

Members yg lain seperti fana, dalila, lepak dlm bilik..kalo x der boring....sometimes there is nobody will true , right??

My group are so happening...Wow...its good to have them as really like it...We have a program called Rev up Stepthon Challenge 2011 sponsored by Revive.Our project manager is Elly Rosalinda...Even through, there are many challenges that we faced, at last, we successfully conducted the project..Its fun, by the way ,  during this moment, here we know and recognized who are good friend or not..I have gained experience there..

Final examination also i have not simple but those who are studied hope to be easier...ahhaha..for me??hmmm...quite hard..whatever happens i will try harder to achieve it ..Titu meniru jadi perkara biasa..but not me..hehehee, my friend ada yg kena tangkap semasa meniru dlm exam..pity them..!!Kami dlm kelas2 kadang2 bincang sahaja..ahha...mengambil peluang semasa ketiadaan penjaga exam..(nakal2)..

On the end month of September, i got news that my sister in law has delivered a cute baby boy..aauummm...that was awesome news for me...hehee...i got a nephew!!...This is my first baby boy at home..everyone was do glad to have him...His name is Ammar Suhail...Now Ammar is everything for me!!!!    

Utusan Malaysia Online - Kampus

Utusan Malaysia Online - Kampus